by Clay Cages

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released September 16, 2014

All songs written by Clay Cages
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jon Hicks at Night Shift Studios
Artwork by Dale Witherow - Design by Grant Whitsitt



all rights reserved


Clay Cages Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: 86
I just wanted you to know these words are not mine, our stories align
So for now, I'll sing these regrets until I forget the reason I ever did
Track Name: Wake
I can't even climb all these walls that I built
I'm looking for a gap, but I built them way too high
When will I finally see the other side?
I don't know
Where I am going, only where I came from
Those words mean nothing at all
They mean nothing

I'm starting to feel okay,
though home feels just so far way
I'm starting to feel okay
I'm standing on the shoulders of giants, and I've got that debt to pay
(Can you see the land from the sea?
There's an ocean staring back at me)

So I cast my sails, I am leaving home
The one that I know
I cut my anchor and now it's time to be alone
If these things are so important, then why did I decide to leave them?
Manifest destiny I resent your name
Track Name: Who I Was
When the war is over, will I be anything less than the delicate soul that I was?
It’s not enough, no it's not to touch, no it's not enough
Let me out cause I've already decided nothing means anything anymore
But will you stay?
Lie on the floor. Let's not take anymore
Gathering all the problems of the world
When was the last time my feet touched the floor?
Constantly abiding by nobody’s rules, has left me to feel like the world’s little fool

No one, no one can face me looking like this
Terror. I’m terrified by the lights
Cast away all the revolutions
Cause I'm not ready for this change

Brace yourself for impact and hold on to the wheel
Stay away from my heart there's nothing left to steal
The world took away my ability to feel
Sound the alarm now we're going back to Boston
Straight from the darkness my thoughts came
They break my ways to talk I cant say
I can only run away
What's wrong with running? At least I'll be in shape

Please don’t go
In the rain
Take my place here
Please don’t change

Take this day
It's over for now
I can't stay I don’t know how
Yesterday is over it's history
It's in the books for good
No point in turning around, what have I found? What am I searching for?
Track Name: Face Things // Fake Things
And I'll be dead if this takes me anything short of a week to write this
it's never been that easy for me to face things, just fake things
And it's not so much the fact that I'm feeling alone, just stagnant
I'm hardened like southern frozen ground that I walk on. So I walk on
Ignorance is love, place to place is a distraction, I've never been okay with "okay" replacing passion

(And you're too busy living your own damn dream
I tried to leave, I can't. You won't let me
I'll drive for hours and home is where I'll be
But which home is it I swore that I would not leave)

Leave it behind, will it leave my mind
Keep in touch, will that be enough
Track Name: Little Hen
Little hen, little hen
Can we talk for a while
So much time gone to waste, can we make it up now?
Was I far away when I should have been close?
Did you know you’re the one I miss the most?

Little hen, little hen
Oh thank God you’re alive
Cause if you weren’t here theres a chance that I might have tried
To follow you into wherever you go
When the reason you’re here is something you don’t know

To me your soul was so alive
You were and remain an idol of mine
And I promise to give you all of my love
For what you deserve that’s not even enough
You cant leave me no that’s not fair
How could you think that nobody would care?
Id be left on this earth with no one to look up to
I know I don’t say it much but you know I love you

Little hen, little hen
Oh thank God you're alive
Why is it that the most beautiful to the eye are the saddest inside?
Track Name: The Historian
I guess time's a funny thing. Spend your days just waiting for another one.
And then it's gone and you've got nothing left to show for all the time you spent alone
Well I guess time's a scary thing. It brings two roads together and then, it separates
I guess time's an awful thing one day your deathbed's the future the next- the next they're cleaning the sheets

You say time comes and goes and I can't keep up with my life
The way things change, I just can't change with them
If the past exists only in my mind, then why is it the realest thing I've yet to find

This clock doesn't tell me the time it tells the time past since I left it all behind with that song I wrote:

"(I miss the road that took me home)
You said it felt like a home stretch after the nights that
It would snow
(I miss the nights that it would snow
I miss the cars that lined out street)
Headlights draw close and they turn off just like
the people we would meet
(I miss the people we would meet)"

I'll wait for better days